Fanart Black and White Animation

Creating black and white fanart animations can be a creative and engaging way to express your artistic skills from your favorite TV show or series. Fanart animations can be interesting to develop when you have a clear picture of the animation and most importantly good animation software. To create good fanart animation, the animation software you use is crucial besides the general process you can follow for great results.

Concept and Story

Begin by brainstorming ideas for your animation, whether it is from your favourite TV series or movie. Determine your desired fanart character or scene you want to depict and outline a basic story or sequence of events that you want to animate. Afterward, consider the key poses, movements, and actions that will bring your fanart to life and tell the story in the a perfect fanart.


Create a storyboard to plan out a visual sequence of your animation. Sketch out rough frames or panels to represent each key moment or scene in your animation. This will help you visualize the flow and timing of your animation and make any necessary adjustments before diving into the animation process.

Gather References

Collect reference images or videos of your preferred fanart character or scene you are animating. These references will help you maintain consistency and accuracy in capturing the character’s appearance, proportions, and movement.

Create Keyframes

Begin by creating keyframes of your animation. Keyframes are the main poses or positions that define major movements and actions in your animation. Use your preferred software to draw keyframes for the animation. Focus on capturing the essence of your TV series or movie character and conveying their movements and expressions.

In-between Frames

Once you have the keyframes established, create in-between frames to fill gaps between each keyframe. In-between frames help smoothen the animation and create an illusion of movement. Depending on the complexity and fluidity you desire, you can add more or fewer in-between frames.

More Details and Shading

Refine your animation by adding details, such as line work, textures, and shading. Since you are creating a black and white animation, pay attention to the contrast and use varying shades of grey to create depth and dimension. Be sure to experiment with different shading techniques to enhance the visual impact of your animation.

Timing and Effects

Adjust the timing of your animation by manipulating each frames’ duration or keyframe. This will affect the speed and flow of your animation. Additionally, you can experiment with adding effects, such as smoke, sparks, or particles, to enhance certain actions or moments in your animation. Explore about How to Be a Voice Actor for Anime.

Export and Share

Once you are satisfied with your fanart animation, export it in a suitable file format, such as MP4 or GIF, to preserve the animation and its visual quality. You could showcase your work by sharing your animation on social media platforms, art communities, or personal websites. Besides sharing, you could seek feedback from fellow artists and fans and improve in the artwork.

Be sure to have fun and let your creativity shine through as you create your animation. Practicing and experimenting will help you refine your skills and develop your unique animation style. Unique animation styles might as well depend on other factors such as shading techniques meant precisely for black and while animations. Such techniques allow you to create depth, volume, and visual interest.

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