Logging 10000 Years in the Future Novel

Below, we share the complete story of High Martial Art: Logging 10000 Years into the Future novel, a Chinese novel written by Měi yuè yī gèng [每月一更].

Chapter 1

About 12000, humanity has evolved beyond recognition. It is inhabiting a world where technology and nature have merged into a seamless existence. With memories backed up and personalities digitized, history has become an interactive experience. It has a mysterious anomaly threatens to erase the oldest logs. Young historian Elara embarks on a journey across time to save humanity’s narrative.

Chapter 2

Chronicles Lost Elara’s journey takes her to ancient data sanctuaries, where she encounters holographic reenactments of pivotal moments. Through the eyes of a Viking explorer, a Renaissance artist, and a spacefaring colonist, she uncovers the essence of human struggle and progress. Each chronicle she saves unlocks a new layer of wisdom for her future.

Chapter 3

The Fractured Epoch As Elara explores logs from the distant past, she realizes that the anomaly is not a mere glitch but a sentient force seeking to rewrite history. Guided by an enigmatic AI, she delves into the heart of the anomaly, discovering echoes of forgotten civilizations and confronting the consequences of humanity’s actions.

Chapter 4

A Tapestry of Futures The anomaly reveals multiple timelines branching and converging, each shaped by different choices. Elara witnesses divergent paths: a world consumed by unchecked technology, an eco-utopia, and a society where art is forbidden. With each insight, she gains a deeper understanding of the intricacies of human nature.

Chapter 5

The Temporal Accord Elara’s quest leads her to a council of temporal scholars overseeing history’s stability. They reveal the true purpose of the anomaly: to prevent stagnation by forcing humanity to confront its legacy. Elara must decide whether to restore the logs or allow the anomaly to reshape the future.

Chapter 6

Logging 10000 Years in the Future Novel In a climactic confrontation within the anomaly. Elara battles manifestations of forgotten fears and unfulfilled dreams. As she strives to protect the sanctity of history, she realizes that the true power lies not in preserving the past but in using its lessons to shape a better future.

Chapter 7

A New Chapter Begins Emerging from the anomaly’s depths, Elara returns to her time with a newfound purpose. Armed with the collective wisdom of millennia, she helps humanity navigate its path with humility and responsibility. The logs, once threatened, now serve as a bridge between eras, fostering understanding and empathy.


In the year 22023, as the world celebrates the completion of the Unity Archive—a testament to humanity’s resilience and growth—Elara reflects on her journey. With the echo of countless lives resonating through time, she gazes toward the horizon, ready to embrace the ever-unfolding tapestry of existence.

“Logging 10000 Years in the future novel” is a novel that traverses time and thought, exploring the profound connections between past, present, and future. It challenges readers to consider the consequences of their actions and the enduring power of human stories across millennia.

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