What Does the Fox Say Manga [Complete Explained]

Fans of girls’ love (GL) comics, also known as Yuri, are in for a treat with “What Does the Fox Say? Manga” This captivating Korean manhwa, which translates to “What Does the Fox Say?” in English, offers a workplace romance story with unexpected turns and relatable characters.

Love in the Studio

The story revolves around Seongji. She is a bright-eyed young woman who lands a coveted position at Hello Studio. It is a mobile game development company. She gets the initial awkwardness of a new job. Seongji finds herself drawn to Sumin, her team leader. Sumin is the epitome of cool and collected. She has a blunt personality that both intrigues and intimidates Seongji.

A Tangled Story

As Seongji attempts to navigate her feelings for Sumin. It is a complication that arises in the form of Soju. The beautiful and charismatic president of Hello Studio. It turns out Seju and Sumin have a past, adding a layer of emotional complexity to the story. Will Seongji be able to win Sumin’s heart, or will Seju reignite an old flame?

More Than Just Romance

“What Does the Fox Say?” goes beyond a simple love story. The manhwa discusses the challenges of working in a competitive environment. Readers get a glimpse into the struggles of meeting deadlines. It is dealing with office politics, and forming bonds with colleagues.

Storyline and Characters

Seongji finds herself drawn to her team leader, Sumin. Sumin is described as aloof and blunt, a stark contrast to Seongji’s personality. However, Seongji can’t help but be intrigued.

There’s a complication, though. Sumin’s ex-girlfriend, Saeju, is also a big player at Hello Studio. Saeju is the company president. The company throws another wrench into the potential romance between Seongji and Sumin. The story explores Seongji’s navigation of the workplace. It is also navigating her feelings for Sumin. It’s a workplace romance with a love triangle twist.

What Does the Fox Say?” Webtoon Characters

  • Gu Miyoung: Our protagonist, Miyoung, is a bubbly college student with a secret. She can see “feelings” manifested as colors. This unique ability throws her life into a whirlwind when she encounters…
  • Jeongin: It is the object of Miyoung’s affection. Jeongin is a stunning senior with a seemingly cold exterior. Miyoung sees the vibrant colors of passion hidden beneath the surface. It is sparking her curiosity.
  • Haerin: Jeongin’s best friend, Haerin, is a force to be reckoned with. Outspoken and fiercely loyal, she becomes a confidante for both Miyoung and Jeongin. It is navigating the complexities of their budding relationship.
  • Sooyoung and Haneul: This adorable side couple adds a touch of sweetness to the story. Sooyoung, a shy cafe owner, is secretly smitten with Haneul. It is a regular customer with a mysterious past. Seeing their relationship blossom is a heartwarming subplot.
  • Chairman Gu: The name of Miyoung’s supportive grandfather is Chairman Gu. He injects a dose of humor and wisdom. He may not understand Miyoung’s ability, but his unwavering love provides a haven for her.

Beyond these core characters, “What Does the Fox Say?” introduces a vibrant cast of friends, rivals, and quirky personalities. Each character is distinct, with their struggles, desires, and “colors” of love.

Artwork and Visuals

The artwork in “What Does the Fox Say” is a true highlight of the series. The Webtoon has delicate lines, vibrant colors, and expressive character designs. The manhwa is a visual treat. The artist’s attention to detail and ability to convey emotion through facial expressions. It shares body language make the characters feel all the more real and relatable.

Yuri and LGBTQ+ Representation

As a Yuri manga, “What Does the Fox Say” proudly represents the LGBTQ+ community. It offers an authentic and heartfelt portrayal of same-sex relationships. The series tackles themes of love, acceptance, and self-discovery. It has sensitivity and grace. It is a must-read for fans of Yuri and LGBTQ+ fiction.


“What Does the Fox Say” explores deeper themes of identity, creativity, and personal growth. The series is about the struggles of adulthood. The importance of self-care, and the power of love and relationships to shape our lives. The fox is a recurring symbol throughout the manga. It represents cunning, adaptability, and resilience. These qualities that Sumin and her friends embody as they navigate the ups and downs of life.

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